Foreningen & General Meetings

GM Introduction

DKNOG is an union registered in Denmark and is required by law to hold yearly General Meetings (GM’s) where registered members of union can decide future directions.

The General Meetings is open and non-members can participate.

Agenda is published in advance and Meeting Minutes will be made available for every GM held.

There does not exists a tradition of using online video-conferences. But do ask us if you want to participate remotely via e-mail to dknog[at]

The rest is in Danish

Danish Network Operators’ Group er fremadrettet omtalt som DKNOG.


Foreningens vedtægter (link), senest opdateret og vedtaget med ændringer ved GF2017


Valgt ifm. GF2017

Allan Eising, Christian Johannesen, Mikkel Mondrup Kristensen, Gustaf Hyllested Serve, Lasse Jarlskov, Jan Gronemann, Christoffer Hansen

Den konstituerede bestyrelse ifm. med GF2017

  • Formand: Lasse Jarlskov
  • Næstformand: Allan Eising
  • Kasserer: Christian Johannesen
  • Sekretær: Mikkel Mondrup-Kristensen
  • Menigt medlem: Gustaf Hyllested Serve
  • Suppleanter: 1. Jan Gronemann, 2. Christoffer Hansen

Bestyrelsen kan kontaktes på “DKNOG bestyrelse <bestyrelse at dknog dot dk>”

Generalforsamlinger (GF)

  • 2010-10.07
  • 2011-08-02 (ekstraordinær)
  • 2012
  • 2013-07-25
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017-05-05
  • 2018-05-24
    • Indkaldelse (link)
    • Referat (link) (will be made available once ready)

DKNOG’s registration number with the Danish Business Authorities is 40019790.