IRC Channel Guidelines

These are the guidelines for the IRC channel #dknog hosted on the OFTC network.

  1. The network is for network engineers and other professionals that run or service networks. We have no formal requirements for any particular industry or the size of your network.
  2. Please introduce yourself when you join the channel for the first time.
  3. We encourage you to have your AS-number displayed after your nickname, e.g. johnsmith-65001. This is however not a requirement.
  4. You are expected to adhere to your employer’s policy of confidentiality.
  5. Neither the channel operators nor the DKNOG association take any responsibility if you disclose information you are not at liberty to. You account for your own statements.
  6. The channel operators can at their own discretion kick and ban users from the channel for the sake of the community and its privacy.
  7. There is no official language for the channel, however most times chat happens in Danish.