DKNOG General Meeting 2019

According to our bylaws, the DKNOG association is required to hold its General Meeting every year between May and June.This year, the General Meeting will take place on May the 23rd at 17:00, and we invite you all to join.

The meeting will be held online via Google Hangouts – for the first time we will attempt to hold the meeting purely online, and we hope that this will encourage more people to participate.
The draft agenda is as follows:

1. Welcome

2. Election of meeting leader and secretary

3. Report from the board

4. Financial reports

5. Election of board members

6. Presentation of the association budget for 2019-2020

7. Incoming proposals

8. Rules of procedure for DKNOG10

9. AOB

As the board is elected for a two-year period, the entire board is up for election this year.

Any proposals for the GM must be sent to the board no later than Thursday May the 9th.

To register for the GM, please see the event page

To contact the board, email

To read our bylaws, and to see more information about the DKNOG association, visit

The video link for the GM will be distributed closer to the event.

DKNOG 9 now official

For those who have been waiting. DKNOG 9 is now official.

Work is in progress to get together an interesting Agenda for all participants.

Dates is Thursday & Friday. March 14 & 15 2019.

If you want to submit a proposal for a talk. Participate. Sponsor our event. Please head to for more information!

We are close to publishing a venue location soon. As always. The location is Copenhagen, Denmark for the ninth early event in a row.

For questions. You can (1) write an email to dknog [at] dknog [dot] dk or (2) find us hanging out in the the #dknog IRC channel at the OFTC network.

We hope to see you there.

Sincerely. The DKNOG9 organizing team.

DKNOG8 (2018)

Thank you to all who have participated in DKNOG8!

The recorded presentations will be made available at the DKNOG YouTube channel when ready.

We consider the DKNOG8 conference a success comparable to DKNOG7 and will evalute the event based upon participants feedback.

We sincerely hope everybody who participated in the event enjoyed it very much! And are thankful to all the sponsors for making it possible to hold the event.

Social sponsor: Netnod.

Gold sponsors: Sec Datacom, NetNordic, NL-ix, DE-CIX.

Silver sponsors: Itectra, Huber+Suhner Cube Optics.

Associate sponsors: Travian Games, RIPE NCC, and DIX.